Sterilization concept for e-mobility devices


INFINITE CIRCLE provides a new concept to shared mobility services (E-scooter and E-bicycle) by solving the problem (COVID-19) of handle sterilization. It forms a straight incision in the pipe inside the mobility handle, so the handle rubber belt covered the outer rotate in and out infinitely. The inside of UV-C LED effectively sterilizes the contaminated outer belt in the optimum space. The design is also very similar as the existing handles, so users conveniently can use and experience the handle. It is an innovative design, but it is also designed with simple technology, so the production cost is not expensive as well.


Due to recent COVID-19 pandemic, the handles of the shared mobility (E-scooter and E-bicycle) could not avoid contact in usability, and it is the part that lots of bacteria and virus breed due to the hot and humid nature of the hands. INFINITE CIRCLE got the idea from UV-C LED sterilization used on escalator handrails. Even before COVID-19 pandemic, many accidents occurred as users do not use the escalator handrails. It was proven to be a solution that provides psychological stability along with the actual sterilizing effect. This idea is expected to provide a positive psychological effect together with the sterilization of shared mobilities.


The handles of the transportation are the tool which is familiar to human beings used for a long time. Therefore, the mobility operation and usability should remain the traditional form and have no sense of difference to use. INFINITE CIRCLE focused on this point. The form left an incision in a pipe (2~3mm) could design all the technical aspects internally. The internal UV-C LED sterilizes the contaminated outer belt. Consequently, harmful UV does not affect our bodies. Outer plastic cap in the shape of light delivers the idea to the customers. It visibly shows the sterilization effect to the customers, at the same time promoting the brand.


INFINITE CIRCLE solution operates 24/7 by itself. Collecting shared mobilities for sterilization wastes manpower, time, and resources. EV, motor and automated UX system saves users’ time and provides ease of use.

When users unlock the vehicle using a smartphone, the sterilized inner rubber cover comes out.

During the ride, the power generated to run the UV sterilizes the inner rubber belt cover for the next user. People use a shared kickboard for 10 minutes on average. So, the internal rubber belt has enough time to sterilize for the next user.

The following users use the handle covers sterilized by the same process as the first one.


INFINITE CIRCLE was recognized for its legal progression and rights by applying for Patent Cooperation Treaty(PCT) and registering South Korean patent. It keeps the usability and existing mobility form, so although it is a unique, it is innovative design idea. As an effective precaution against infectious disease like COVID-19, an important social problem, it will give a difference to the shared mobility industry. Also, during and after the pandemic, having a hygiene solution will attract customers, thereby providing brand differentiation and market preoccupation effects.


INFINITE CIRCLE is an idea that matches the two conflicting values, the shared economy and the infectious diseases. Epidemics such as COVID-19 are highly contagious in big cities where shared mobility operates. The development of an individual shared mobility which environmentally reduces carbon emission, should continue. Moreover, the infectious disease is not going to be a temporary phenomenon but a continuous social problem in the future. Recently, the effectiveness of UV-C on sterilizing virus in a few seconds and minutes has been reported. It will be a sustainable idea for the environment and for the health of human beings.

“After the COVID-19 pandemic,

Blue Light will be the best

brand logo and signal.”

Recent Media

JAMES DYSON AWARD : News | Aug 2021

More than 30 Korean media outlets have reported the news and showed a high interest for the award-winning.

“Its design is to technically solve possible inconveniences and anxieties that electronic kickboard users experience. It seems very useful especially in the situation where people are concerned about hygiene and cleanliness during the pandemic.”

iF DESIGN AWARD : News | June 2021

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“The designers and manufacturers of this year’s iF DESIGN AWARD have a sharp eye for putting the user first. Their human-centered designs solve real-world problems for people.”

DESIGN Magazine | June 2021

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